Who We Are

Net Impact‘s mission is to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

As a member of Net Impact’s Alberta School of Business Chapter, you enlarge your professional network with other like-minded individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Net Impact gives students the opportunity to make a meaningful social and environmentally sustainable impact in their community. Our events and professional development help our members put their beliefs into action through sustainability efforts, leading to increased sustainability job opportunities after graduation. Our consulting projects also give you the chance to experience the world of management consulting, along with industry guidance from our partner KPMG.

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Upcoming Events

These premier dining events provide a unique experience for everyone showcasing food and culture that is available locally here in Alberta. We look forward to bringing in local chefs who share their various experiences in creating a sustainable world. Farm2Fork provides a social event for MBA students while supporting the local community by working with a local business.

This event provides students with the opportunity to gain consulting and project management experience, hear from partner organizations, their proposals and learn about the application process. Through the consulting projects, students will have access to a KPMG workshop and designated mentors.

This Year's Projects (Coming Soon)

A three-day conference held by Net Impact provides an opportunity to network with innovative impact leaders, an introduction to inspirational ideas, and exploration of cutting-edge trends.

A moderated panel discussion on careers in sustainability with professionals from national and international organizations, each coming from different industries and backgrounds. This event offers students a way to connect with the Professional Chapter and learn more about their organization, while also showcasing how the panelists bring their passion for sustainability into their personal and professional lives.

This year, Net Impact is collaborating with Canadian Blood Services and is playing a small part in their noble mission to provide lifesaving blood products for patients by conducting a blood drive.

What better way to mingle with your colleagues than a Barbeque? Our team will be manning the grill for the Net Impact participants, mentors and members of the cohort, making it a mixer filled with conversation and of course, food.

This event showcases the annual achievements of the current Executive team and serves as an introduction to the incoming team.

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