What is the difference between a club and a committee?

Clubs and Committees within the MBA Association are responsible for enhancing the student experience to the fullest by creating programming outside of everyday classroom life.

Clubs (MBA Association, Net Impact, MBA Games, and MBA Inclusion & Diversity Club) are self-governed and fall under the MBA Association President’s portfolio. They are all funded through MBA Association funds.

Committees fall within a specific MBAA Executive’s portfolio, and the leads are selected by their corresponding Executive. They are funded directly through the MBAA budget.

MBAA Constitution 2022

Benefits of Joining a Student Organization

Student groups give you the opportunity to interact with people who are involved with the Alberta MBA program in varying capacities.
Student groups allow you to work with the support of other students, faculty, and staff to help achieve your goals in a safe environment.
Soft skills are broadly applicable across industries and career paths, as well as highly attractive to employers.
Showing employers that you participated in or lead a student organization shows that you’ve had the opportunity to develop the skills above, while also handling the responsibilities of your classwork

Each of the Alberta MBA student groups have opportunities for students to get involved in a leadership capacity.

Getting involved in student organizations is a great way to meet fellow students and make friends, from early on in your program through the end.
Student organizations give you a chance to apply the skills you learn in class to real life situations.
Students from Full Time, Part Time, and Fast Track cohorts participate in student organizations. Getting involved will permit you to work with a diverse group of students that you may not otherwise get the chance to, while exchanging valuable knowledge and skills


Net Impact

Inclusion & Diversity Club

MBA Games


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The role is what you make of it. It was an incredible opportunity for me to boast engagement that has a lasting impact on the students and the legacy of our school in these uncertain times. Go A-Team!

Expected Year of Graduation: 2022

Jenkens Leung, Co-Captain of MBA Games 2021

I enjoyed planning events for all MBA students (part/ full time, fast-tracked, international, etc.) to engage in and get to know each other outside of the classroom setting. I was able to advocate the needs of part-time students to the MBA Department. This role was a great way to meet and get to know other students.

Expected Year of Graduation: 2022

Emilie Heaton, VP Part-Time in the MBAA

Being on the Executive Team of the 2020-21 UofA Net Impact Chapter was such a rewarding experience! Our team was formed just as COVID-19 was announced, so the year ahead was going to look very different than what we expected. Nonetheless, connecting with my team and the MBA student body turned out to be very successful. We were able to bring virtual programming to the students and connect with members of the Edmonton Professional Chapter in our mandate to bring awareness on what sustainability can look like in the business world. Through this extra-curricular opportunity, I’ve been able to make great connections with my peers and give back to the MBA program. I encourage all current students to get involved with Net Impact as Executives or Members of the UofA Chapter!

Expected Year of Graduation: 2022

Namrta Sharma, Director of Communications

As a Net Impact Consultant, I had the pleasure to work on a project for Campus Food Bank with my peers. The project was an excellent learning experience and exposed me to various business concepts such as an environmental scan. I was able to forge new relationships with my group mates and the client alike.

Expected Year of Graduation: 2022

Saveta Cartwright, Net Impact Consultant

Being VP EL was such a challenging but rewarding experience. It was an opportunity for me to dive deeper and exercise my ability to work with different teams, meet multiple stakeholder expectations and represent the UAlberta MBA brand. My biggest takeaway was the importance of respect in relationship building and how having an open mind makes you a better leader.

Expected Year of Graduation: 2021

Veronica Oyatsi, VP Experiential Learning

Wearing multiple hats as the VP of Operations of the MBAA has allowed me to enhance my organizational, time management, conflict management, and leadership skills. I was able to leverage my creative approach and my ‘customer’-first lens to work with and for the students.

Expected Year of Graduation: 2021

Febby Salim, VP Operations